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A typical Sales Rep career path would probably start as a sales rep. After a year, they become a Sales Consultant. From there, they can become a Sales Manager, and at that point, they can kind of go in any different direction. They can either go into operations by becoming a Location Manager, to a General Manager, or they can take a route that I took becoming a Regional Sales Manager. From there, the sky's the limit.

From a training standpoint, anybody that's coming in goes through a pretty intense training session. It usually lasts several weeks. Everything from videos to video conferences to just onsite training. Anytime we hire our new sales reps, I take the initiative to work directly with my Sales Manager to help them become successful and to kind of help bring them into the company because it's a lot to take in when you first get started, you know? Especially if you've never been in the industry.

Coming in selling uniforms, people think it's just selling uniforms. No, there's a little bit more to that. We want them to feel comfortable. You know, when you're getting a new job, it doesn't matter where it's at, you always have that anxiety and we definitely want to try to bring that anxiety level down. Our company, I think, has very, very strong family values - based on Undercover Boss that came out last year, you can actually see how Ron really cares about his employees.

One of the really nice traditions that UniFirst actually has—all locations celebrate Founder's Day. It's almost like a family picnic. We actually get together either in the park or somewhere where we can actually celebrate and enjoy each other and we just have a good time. You follow the UniFirst process and what we ask of you, you will be successful. As long as you're consistently selling and following the process, you'll move up in the company. Because there's so many different friendships that you make when you're out there doing what we do as Sales Reps, I love it. I tell you every single day there's something new that I know I'm going to see or some new people that I'm going to meet and it's a huge part of my enjoyment of this job

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