ISO Certification at UniFirst

Part of our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement (CI)

UniFirst distribution center in Owensboro, KT
UniFirst is ISO certifying all of its service facilities to ensure consistent quality of products and service for our customers.

UniFirst's primary business objective is to provide its customers with only the best services possible, along with great-looking, image-enhancing uniforms, work clothing, and facility service items.

To accomplish that goal, we're committed to having each of our customer-servicing plant operations earn the internationally recognized ISO 9001 certification. The majority of our company-owned manufacturing facilities also operate within ISO 9001-certified quality management systems. ISO certification requires operations to document and follow workflow processes in detail in order to maintain ongoing maximized efficiencies in processes and productivity.

ISO certifications can only be earned (and maintained) following in-depth quality and conformance audits by a recognized third-party certifying authority. UniFirst maintains 260 facilities throughout North America. By having our plants ISO certified, we help ensure a consistency of quality that supports our commitment to providing best-in-class service and products to all of our customers.


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