Video: Environmentally Friendly Business Services

Use 64% less water, 73% less energy and 90% less chemicals than home laundering

UniFirst continues to improve its environmental sustainability efforts, and our products and services help other companies improve theirs.

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Video Transcript (click to view/hide)

UniFirst is committed to protecting the environment with meaningful sustainability efforts. For example, our advanced laundering processes use 64 percent less water, 73 percent less energy, and 90 percent less chemicals than traditional laundering. And through companywide re-engineering, we maintain a 24% reduction in CO2 emissions.

But we don't stop there. At our 260 facilities, we utilize only 100% "green"…environmentally friendly… laundry detergents that are biodegradable, made from renewable resources, and are free of phosphates and other chemicals. And our computerized processing technologies consistently maximize fuel and energy efficiencies. We also take extraordinary care with all operational by-products to assure that everything we return to the environment…is consistently clean…safe, and…non-polluting. We even employ water re-use and water recycling systems in select servicing facilities.

UniFirst is also…literally driven to reduce our carbon footprint. Our delivery fleet of vehicles incorporates specialized route planning and optimization software…saving nearly 12 million miles traveled…and 2 million gallons of fuel… while also producing nearly 34 million less pounds of CO2 each and every year. And we've even incorporated hybrid and alternative fuel operated vehicles in select markets. In fact, one UniFirst location's entire fleet is run on propane.

Meanwhile…to help support our business customers' own sustainability efforts, we continually seek out new environmentally friendly…socially-responsible work apparel and Facility Service products that we can provide.

At UniFirst, "being green" goes well beyond the color of our logo.

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