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We supply, store, hygienically launder and deliver all products on a convenient schedule

UniFirst helps healthcare professionals coast-to-coast ensure they consistently reflect a professional, polished medical image, while helping to maintain their safety and infection control initiatives.

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At UniFirst, we help healthcare professionals coast-to-coast ensure that they consistently reflect a professional, polished medical image while maintaining their safety and infection control initiatives. Our managed workwear programs generate camaraderie and pride among team members and add a greater sense of security among patients and their families. We even supply specialized facility products and services to help keep healthcare environments clean, safe, and attractive.

With the UniFirst Rental Program, there are no upfront investments. We'll supply, store, hygienically launder, and deliver all products on a convenient schedule.

Our Product Protection Process, or PPP, meets or exceeds all established OSHA and the CDC protocols, follows universal precaution practices, uses EPA registered sanitizing agents for cleaning, and the UniFirst team partners are specially trained in the many unique safety procedures required by medical customers.

Our Product Protection Process begins at your workplace. Along with delivering your hygienically clean, image enhancing medical uniforms each week, your UniFirst route representative picks up all soiled work apparel for laundering and maintenance using biohazard soil bags that meet ASTM guidelines and are made with a protective barrier fabric, making them resistant to fluids and microbial penetration.

Following universal precautions, UniFirst route reps dress in proper personal protective equipment, or PPE, prior to handling any soiled medical garments. All soiled healthcare apparel is segregated on our service vehicles to prevent cross contamination. And when ultimately returned to the UniFirst service facility for processing, all garment bags are placed in easy-to-identify biohazard protective hampers with safety lids. Our specially trained production staff also wear proper protective equipment, maximizing exposure controls.

All incoming laundry is initially sorted by hand to safely remove any sharps, pens, or other debris that may have been hidden in the soiled garments. Any found sharps are placed in safety containers for proper disposal. Garments are then transported to towering washers where proper chemistry is assigned and wash temperatures are maintained at a minimum of 160 degrees to effectively kill off all bacteria.

The proprietary wash formulas and computer control procedures used in our Product Protection Process were specifically developed for the healthcare industry using formulated agents that remove contaminants and bloodborne pathogens and produce self-sanitizing effects on fabrics to create a cleanliness you simply can't get with other laundering methods. Once the hygienic laundering process is complete, it's off to giant-sized processing dryers for moisture removal and fabric conditioning.

And at UniFirst, each and every processed garment undergoes 10-point quality inspections. Everything from buttons to belt loops to seams and cuffs are subject to detailed examinations to ensure they always look good and protect as originally designed. Any garment that fails inspection results in it being immediately mended or replaced from standby inventory.

Based on classification type, medical garments are transported to 275 degree steam tunnels for wrinkle free finishing. And unlike other industrial launderers, UniFirst professionally presses all lab coats as a free value-added service to consistently provide you a more upscale, crisp look.

To help ensure work apparel remains as pristine, clean and as safe as possible, UniFirst offers poly bag protection and segregated storage areas where processed garments are sorted for returns by customer name, delivery route, and scheduled day of return.

On delivery day, following verification that all final customer delivery counts are accurate, the hygienically clean apparel is placed on service vehicles where their timely returned back to you.

Although you typically only see pickup and delivery, those are only two of the dozens of critical steps that make up our Healthcare Product Protection Process. Each and every UniFirst customer reaps the many benefits of a consistent professional image, along with the bottom line cost savings and safety associated with our professional laundering and garment maintenance programs. Find out just how much UniFirst can help you and your practice today.

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UniFirst Uniform Programs

With a full-service Uniform Rental Program, we handle all the program administration for your employee uniforms, including pick-up/deliveries, laundering & maintenance.

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