Video: Tour a UniFirst Laundry Plant

Providing superior uniforms and quality services since 1936

Tour a UniFirst plant and learn how every piece of apparel undergoes as many as 23 carefully controlled and monitored processing steps which begin from the moment of pickup at your place of business.

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Video Transcript (click to view/hide)

Hello and welcome to UniFirst, a recognized uniform industry leader founded back in 1936. I’m Jeff, and today we’re touring one our 260 facilities located throughout North America to see all that goes into the meticulous processing and quality servicing of our customer uniforms and workwear.

This ISO-certified, state-of-the-art servicing plant is one of the most technologically advanced in the industry…. with maximum computer-driven processing and automation to help ensure your employee uniforms consistently look great and always project the best business image possible.

Ok, let’s get started…. and with the use of multiple cameras: including a UNI-camera rigged to an actual uniform, we’ll track the whole journey. But the ‘tour’ doesn’t begin here…it actually starts at the customer site. We’re meticulous about our hygienic laundering and maintenance processes. And I’ll personally deliver these as we begin… After all, it's the professional image and pride of your company’s employees that help your business, grow….attract new customers….and stay ahead of the competition. Now let’s track our tour…

First: A trained UniFirst Route Representative accurately counts or scans all incoming work clothing to ensure the same number of garments coming in for processing is returned hygienically clean with the next delivery. Then all the soiled garments are sorted based on fabric type, color, and nature of soiling…so they can be assigned their customized cleaning process for maximum effectiveness.

In fact….every single piece of apparel routinely undergoes more than 20 carefully controlled…computer-monitored processing steps, which begins right from the moment of pickup at the customer facility. Upon arrival at our servicing plant, another visual inspection is conducted to ensure sorting accuracy. Then…All garments are placed in huge slings that are digitally weighed to accurately determine the total load being processed.

Once suspended from overhead rail systems, slings are sent systematically to our towering industrial washers that follow pre-programmed wash, rinse, and temperature settings. In fact, we have nearly 50 scientifically-developed …environmentally friendly…laundering formulas that are matched to soil levels and industry types, and computer-calculated for maximum cleanliness. Once laundered… it’s off to our mega-sized processing dryers for measured moisture removal and conditioning. All along the way…our systems identify, track, load, and unload all items in a continuous and efficient flow.

Beep…beep….beep….so cool! We have the latest and greatest in barcode technology and it’s all managed with our cutting edge proprietary tracking software. Our systems and our UniFirst Team Partners are able to monitor and track all your garments throughout every single phase of the multistep process. And because all of this coded information links to UniFirst delivery systems, you can routinely expect complete, on time deliveries… every time. At UniFirst…we manufacture our uniform clothing and work apparel using the highest quality fabrics, and the most efficient and durable design features. But even the very best made garments are subject to on-the-job wear and tear. That’s why every piece of work apparel we process undergoes ten point quality inspections.

Everything from buttons to belt loops, to seams and zippers, are all subject to detailed examinations to ensure they always look their very best and function as originally designed. (Jeff on Cam) And any garment that fails inspection results in it being tagged and diverted to a mending station for immediate repair. Or, if deemed beyond repair, immediately replaced from an extensive selection of standby inventory. All replacement garments are sent to a personalization station where emblems with high definition embroidered wearer names and company logos are carefully sewn on for proper placement and appearance. Given our mission to uphold your business image for maximum market impact, ….unlike other industrial launderers…we routinely press ALL work shirts as a COMPLIMENTARY service! That’s right! There is NO extra charge to receive the crisp professional look, you and your staff deserve. OK….it’s UniCam time!

Other customer’s garments are sent through our finishing steam tunnel, where ultra-high temperatures make short work of any wrinkling. And as a special service for customers who operate within environmentally sensitive industries such as food processing or healthcare, where cross contamination is a concern, UniFirst offers specially segregated hygienic laundering processes, sanitizing wash formulas, and optional poly-bag protection for all finished apparel. This helps assure that all work apparel remains pristine, clean, and safe. Following our precise and automated laundering cycle, electronic barcode readers again guide customer apparel along the overhead rail systems to temporary storage areas, where they’re systematically sorted by delivery route and scheduled delivery days. Later, the same electronic programming system guides all garments past barcode readers for a second sorting. Itʼs at this stage of the process that all clothing is electronically segregated by company name, employee name, and right down to locker number. Following this second sorting, uniforms are then automatically transferred to a pre-delivery staging area, where… just as occurred at the very beginning of the laundering cycle…. a UniFirst route rep conducts visual inspections to verify all customer delivery counts are accurate. In fact…we count all customer garments at least FOUR times…from pick up through return delivery…to ensure there are no uniform shortages.

Once we’re satisfied that customer orders are complete, apparel is systematically placed on delivery vehicles for their scheduled returns. With UniFirst…you not only reap the benefits of our innovative, forward-looking systems….but you also receive a consistent, professional business image……week in, and week out…and the bottom line cost savings associated with our managed rental and maintenance programs. UniFirst….empowering employees to always be… “dressed for success.”

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