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Facility services include hygienically clean uniform laundering
Hygienically clean uniform programs and facility services can be critical to business success.

As one of North America's leading workwear, textile, and facility service companies, UniFirst offers hygienically clean* uniforms, protective garments, and ancillary offerings that help keep employees safe and on the job.

Our hygienic laundering and high temperature processing helps minimize or eliminate potential contaminants that could otherwise be carried on textiles. And our range of ancillary facility service products help further address health, safety, and infection control concerns. As the economy recovers from the fallout of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, UniFirst managed service programs serve as an integral part of any business comeback strategy.

UniFirst Uniform Service Programs

Uniform Service Programs

UniFirst outfits more than 2 million workers each business day with hygienically clean uniforms and workwear. Our full-service uniform rental programs offer individual sizing and fitting, regularly scheduled pickup and deliveries, hygienic laundering, and automatic repairs and replacements as needed. And for companies that prefer to buy uniforms for their employees and manage the programs themselves, we can help there too through our direct purchase program options.

UniFirst Facility Service Programs

Facility Service Programs

In addition to our uniform programs, as part of a business comeback strategy, UniFirst's facility service products provide cost-effective floorcare, restroom, and cleaning options that create safe and healthy workplaces. Services include the weekly delivery of freshly laundered floor mats, mops, and wipers/towels (and pickup of soiled items); soaps, hand sanitizers, paper towels, and toilet tissue, along with other product options specific to business customer needs.

Products that Promote Health and Safety

Floor mats icon

Floor Mats help create a cleaner, safer, more attractive workplace for employees and customers.

Floor mops and wiping products icon

Floor Mops and Wiping Products include microfiber options that remove up to 98% of bacteria and 93% of viruses from surfaces.**

Paper products icon

Paper Products are needed to follow personal hygiene best practices and easily pick up spills.

Soaps and hand sanitizer icon

Soaps and Hand Sanitizers help minimize the risk of spreading germs and viruses.

Restroom products icon

Ancillary Restroom Products range from touch-free dispensers and flushing systems to air fresheners and deodorizers.

Cleaning solutions icon

Cleaning Solutions include highly effective cleaning and disinfecting concentrates and dilution dispensing systems.

Safety and PPP icon

Safety and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) reduce the risk of potential workplace hazards and the spread of germs.

* Hygienically clean processing includes textiles laundered and finished with appropriate "green" detergents and high temperatures to a point where biological contaminants (bioburden) have been removed to an acceptable level so they can be used without fear or risk of being a source of contamination.
** Tests performed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Published in Environmental Best Practices for Health Care Facilities: Using Microfiber Mops in Hospitals.

To learn more about our managed uniform and facility service programs, and how we can help your business stay safe and healthy, call (800) 455-7654.


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Workwear for all industries

Through value-based Rental, Lease, and Purchase Programs, UniFirst serves all occupations and outfits more than 2 million uniform wearers daily at over 300,000 customer locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Uniform Rental Programs

UniFirst full-service Uniform Rental programs enhance your business image at the very best value. There's no upfront investment, and you get comprehensive service and hassle-free employee uniform management.

  • Choose from over 40,000 SKUs
  • Individual sizing and fitting
  • Scheduled pickup and delivery
  • Hygienic laundering
  • Free shirt pressing
  • Automatic repairs and replacements
  • Emblems and embroidery
  • Computerized tracking
  • Easy-to-read invoicing
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