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Enhance your company identity with custom apparel

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UniFirst uniforms can be customized to provide businesses with a highly competitive image that helps promote customer loyalty and repeat business.

Companies seeking a competitive edge in attracting new customers are increasingly turning to custom uniforms and image apparel from UniFirst.

Our custom company apparel delivers a distinct visual image that customers can instantly recognize, and can help to promote and support a company brand. Custom image programs also help to increase customer trust and loyalty by visual association.

Studies such as The Uniform Advantage, conducted on behalf of the textile services industry by J.D. Powers and Associates, have underscored the drawing power of custom uniforms and custom company image apparel.* This study shows that customers perceive employees who wear custom uniforms or logo apparel as being more knowledgeable and more competent concerning the products and services their businesses offer. Personalized company apparel, such as custom polo and work shirts, also can improve employee performance by making workers feel they are members of a unified team.

Are Uniforms an Effective Advertising Tool?

Employees wearing company uniforms
Are Uniforms an Effective Marketing Tool?

In a study conducted at Suffolk University's Sawyer Business School, entitled Are Uniforms an Effective Marketing Tool?, more than 260 companies in 14 different industries throughout the U.S. and Canada were surveyed about their advertising efforts.

The Findings:

By margins of up to 9 to 1, companies that outfit employees in uniforms and branded corporate logo apparel report that their employee uniforms outperform internet, newspaper, TV, radio, and billboard advertising as a marketing tool.


Wide selection of custom company logo apparel

UniFirst offers a large selection of custom company uniforms through our flexible Rent, Lease, and Purchase programs so you can create the exact corporate image you're looking for.

See the UniFirst Uniform Rental Catalog for our complete line of custom corporate clothing, including corporate logo shirts, workwear, uniforms, and other business logo apparel.

* “The customer Perception of Uniforms in the Workplace,” sponsored by the Uniform and Textile Service Association, conducted by J.D. Power and Associates®.

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