Part 2: Maintain a healthy workplace all year long with a managed facility services program

Proper facility maintenance is important to help keep your employees and customers safe and healthy.

Your workplace could be a breeding ground for germs if not maintained properly, especially during cold and flu season. This is unwelcome news for employees and visitors alike. A managed facility services program from UniFirst can help keep your facilities sanitized, healthy, and more welcoming throughout the year. And with all that’s on your plate this season, we’ll also take care of managing inventory, so you’ll never run out of facility products.

In Part I, we focused on proper hand washing and the use of surface disinfectants as critical components of an effective facility service program.

    1. Keep your restrooms clean

      Restroom sanitation is extremely important in any situation, but especially during cold and flu season, and an effective restroom hygiene program should be implemented as soon as possible.

      For maximum hygienic cleanliness, you should install soap dispensers in your restrooms and ensure that they are routinely filled. Each of our hand soap and hand care offerings, as well as our instant hand sanitizers, are contained in portion-controlled commercial soap dispensers available in “touchless” andJanitor uses microfober mop to clean restroom

      traditional dispensers. And with our regularly scheduled service and usage-based refill services, you’ll never run out of products.

      Air fresheners should be replaced once empty and put in an easy-to-reach place. For those who are a bit more invested in their bathroom habits, make sure that an ample supply of seat covers is available for each toilet stall, along with automatic flushers. In addition, make sure that every stall in the restroom has a sanitary bin and that this is cleaned out regularly.

      And before you install an air hand dryer, you should do the research. Several studies have found that air hand dryers can blow bacteria back onto your hands and spread germs more than paper towels. UniFirst paper towel services offer better results than warm air dryers that also take longer to get hands dry. With our service, you’ll get 100% recycled, EcoLogo®, and Green Seal™ Certified paper products that reduce waste in addition to help preventing the spread of germs.

    2. Switch to Microfiber Cloths and Mops

      Several studies have determined that microfiber is better than cotton at capturing bacteria on common surfaces. For example, one conducted by the University of California, Davis Medical Center, compared the number of bacteria picked up by a cotton-loop mop and by a microfiber mop. The cotton-loop mop reduced bacteria on the floors by 30%, whereas the microfiber mops reduced bacteria by 99%. No matter what type of mop or wipes, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advocates the regular cleaning, mopping, and disinfecting of all surfaces during cold and flu season.Our technologically advanced microfiber cloths and mops can revolutionize the way you clean hard surfaces and floors. These advanced microfibers contain microscopic fibers that can absorb up to six times their weight in water. And because their fibers are positively charged, they naturally attract and hold dirt and dust without the need for chemicals.Read more about the benefits you’ll get from our microfiber mop rental programs and read how we helped a national restaurant chain save $1.3 million with our expert facility solutions.

    3. Install a custom floor mat program

      Having floor mats at your workplace can play a significant role in reducing illnesses like the flu. As many as 5,000 bacteria can cling to just one square inch of footwear. Scraper mats and walk-off mats placed at entrances allows them to remove outside dirt and bacteria contaminants from entering a facility.UniFirst understands the importance of having quality-made floor mats that are durable, expertly serviced, maintained, and certified by the National Floor Safety Institute. That’s why thousands of businesses rely on our commercial floor mat services as front-line and essential to help keep their workplace clean and healthy throughout the year. Businesses can choose from a variety of high- quality, commercial floor mats that have been specifically designed to trap and hold dirt and moisture before it spreads throughout your workplace.Our mat service programs include regularly scheduled pickups of all soiled floor mats; placements of fresh, cleaned ones rolled out in place; professional laundering and maintenance of all items; and replacements of worn-out or damaged products as needed.

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