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For a cleaner, healthier, more attractive work environment

Facilities service products including floor mats and soap dispensers
Our facility service products can reduce maintenance expenses and improve business image.

UniFirst Facility Service programs provide quality floorcare, restroom, and other ancillary products to help you create a safer, cleaner, healthier, and more attractive work environment—while also reducing your overall facility maintenance expense.

Facility service programs start with a free needs analysis

Your UniFirst representative conducts a usage-based analysis of your required facility service needs. This detailed analysis is designed to meet your specific requirements so you only pay for what you need.

Your facility services program may include the regular delivery of interior and exterior floor mats, dry and wet mops, towels and wipers, air freshening odor control systems, and more. For personal hygiene, our facility service products include a wide range of hand and skin care cleaning and conditioning soaps and sanitizers, hand towels, and sanitary tissues—all housed in sturdy, portion-control dispensing systems for ease of use and to prevent waste.

Our lines of facility service products include:

  • Floor mat services
    • Walk-off mats
    • Message and logo mats
    • Scraper mats
    • “Wet area” mats
    • Anti-fatigue mats

Spend less time managing your facility service needs and more time managing your business

When you choose a UniFirst facility services program, we'll visit your place of business on a regular basis to pick up all soiled floor mats, mops, and wiping products and replace them with fresh, professionally laundered ones. We'll also restock your hand soaps and sanitizers, paper towels, sanitary tissue, and air fresheners. Compared to buying retail and maintaining these items yourself, our servicing program delivers the highest quality products at the very best value. You always have what you need, when you need it.


We Take the Dirt Away

Over one pound of dirt can accumulate in one square yard of carpet in just one week. If your floor mats aren't regularly deep-cleaned, they become a source of tracked-in soil, not a barrier to it. Vacuuming only removes about 10% of the dirt. Even scrubbing with soap and water leaves germs, soil, and grit behind.


With coast-to-coast servicing centers throughout the U.S. and Canada, UniFirst can conveniently fulfill your facility service needs wherever your business may be located. Find a UniFirst location near you.

See the UniFirst Facility Service Programs Catalog for our complete line of facility service products.

Starting a UniFirst Facility Services Program is easy.
Call (800) 455-7654.


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Facility Service Programs

Products and Services that Deliver:

  • Safer, healthier work environment
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Enhanced business image
  • Timely deliveries so you never run out
  • Highest quality products at the best value
  • Elimination of costly inventory
  • Environmentally friendly products
UniFirst Facility Service Programs Catalog

Customize a facility service program for your company

Browse our online catalog and choose from facility service products, safety apparel and PPE, and uniforms.

Conveniently customize a facility service program quote for your company.

View our Facility Services Catalog
Facility Services Catalog

Why a UniFirst Facility Services Program?

Watch this story about “Do-It-Yourself” Dan trying to manage all his own facility needs compared to “Take-it-easy Tim” who uses UniFirst Facility Services.

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A Tale of Two Facilities
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