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Outfitting nearly 2 million workers each business day

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In the uniform supply business, there's service… and then there's UniFirst service! For more information about UniFirst employee uniforms, call (800) 455-7654.

We manufacture, supply, and service quality workwear

UniFirst has a long and proud tradition of providing quality uniforms, Job-Fitted Work Clothes® and other image and safety enhancing workwear to businesses of all sizes and types. From industrial work shirts and pants, to work jackets and coveralls, to polos and executive wear, to lab coats and food service smocks - UniFirst offers workwear for virtually every occupation. Beyond a complete selection of the best work uniforms available, UniFirst also provides accessories like gloves, hats, and protective gear—making “single source workwear solutions” more than just a marketing slogan.

We manufacture our work apparel in ISO certified facilities to ensure we consistently provide the most important garment features, benefits, and fabrics as defined by our customers. That's why the UniFirst family of workwear brands boasts unrivaled styling, comfort, durability, and protection; as well as wearer-friendly features like roomier cuts, more stitches per inch, and premium construction. And we supplement our own workwear product lines with those of other leading brands. So no matter the needs, UniFirst has the solutions customers demand.

Rent, lease, or buy employee uniforms

UniFirst customers can assume as little or as much responsibility as they wish for their overall uniform program by electing to rent, lease, or buy. With the proper care and ongoing maintenance, Customers can be assured their UniFirst workwear (and facility service) products are always in top shape.

Uniform Rental means we handle all aspects of uniform administration, laundering, delivery, repairs, replacements, and more. Learn more about our Uniform Rental Programs.
Uniform Leasing means we handle all the facets of a Uniform Rental Program, but employees take care of laundering their own uniform garments. Learn more about our Uniform Leasing Programs.
Uniform Purchase programs allow you to outfit your staff at competitive prices. And if you require occasional laundering or other garment services, we can provide that too. Learn more about our Uniform Purchase Programs.

Not sure which program is for you? Learn about choosing the right uniform program for your needs or give us a call at (800) 455-7654.

Why UniFirst?

In the uniform supply business, there's service… and then there's UniFirst service. And when comparing providers, it's important to understand that not all uniform companies are created equal. Most can clean and deliver work clothes, but only UniFirst is redefining uniform service through unparalleled customer service systems and an unwavering commitment to delivering excellence that is simply unavailable from other suppliers. Learn more about The UniFirst Difference.


For more information about UniFirst workwear, call (800) 455-7654.


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