UniFirst Commercial Floor Mat Services Keep Your Workplace Clean and Safe

When winter’s wrath comes knocking at your door, facility managers should have plans in place to help protect workers and visitors from slip, trip, and fall accidents due to wet or soiled floors.

And these plans should include an effective floor mat service program that includes functional scraper and walk-off mats at all entrances as your building’s first line of defense against increased seasonal hazards.

Cold hard truth be told, the National Safety Council (NSC) estimates that business owners spend over $70 billion annually in workers compensation and medical claims as a result of customer and employee slips, trips, and falls, which rank as the third most common cause of workplace injuries. According to the NSC, every seven seconds in America a worker is injured on the job—and, in 2017, workplace injuries resulted in 104 million work production days lost nationally.

The importance of having quality-made floor mats that are expertly serviced and maintained can’t be understated. UniFirst commercial floor mat services are front-line and essential to help prevent slips and falls. Regular professional floor mat cleaning and maintenance can also help:

  • Keep the workplace clean and presentable
  • Protect people from bacteria and germs
  • Shield sensitive equipment from potentially harmful contaminants
  • Minimize facility maintenance and upkeep cost


Turnkey managed floor mat service

As with all UniFirst managed programs, our commercial floor mat services deliver the highest quality products with premium functionality, and help enhance your company’s brand image.

UniFirst Route Service Rep delivers a clean mat to a business and rolls it out in place
All UniFirst floor mats are made exclusively by us in our own manufacturing facilities and are certified as “high traction” from the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI). UniFirst mats are also available in the most popular size options for various placement needs. They also feature proprietary designs, heavy-duty construction, non-slip backings, lay-flat borders, and high-tuft dirt-trapping nylon pile.
UniFirst mat service programs include regularly scheduled pickups of all soiled floor mats; placements of fresh, cleaned ones rolled out in place; professional laundering and maintenance of all items, and replacements of worn-out or damaged products as needed. In fact, our commercial mat laundering services help ensure maximum functionality because our ongoing thorough deep cleanings go well beyond mere vacuuming (which only removes about 10% of ingrained dirt) or basic scrubbing with soap and water (which innately leaves some soiling in mats). If floor mats aren’t regularly deep-cleaned and maintained, they can actually become a source of tracked-in dirt, not a barrier to it.


Businesses can also choose from the following high-quality UniFirst floor mat lines:

  1. UniScraper® scraper mats—placed outside entrances, uniquely constructed with bidirectional cleats to effectively remove and retain soil and moisture from shoes before entering building.
  2. Great Impressions® 2.0 walk-off mats—placed inside entrances (and select areas throughout a facility), carpet-topped in attractive color options with higher nylon pile to hold onto grime and contaminants.
  3. Comfort First® anti-fatigue mats—placed in areas where staff or customers may stand for long periods of time, cushiony nitrile rubber construction helps protect muscles and joints from strains caused by standing on hard surfaces.
  4. Comfort Plus “wet area” mats—placed in areas exposed to liquids, nitrile rubber construction with moisture flow-through safety technology helps prevent slips and improves worker/customer comfort with anti-fatigue qualities.
  5. Message, photo, and logo mats—designed to enhance your business image and serve as “advertising mediums” with customized high-resolution graphics, messaging, and dynamic colors.


The bottom line: To take a big step toward preventing potentially costly injury claims this winter season and improving facility aesthetics, business owners should consider a properly maintained floor matting service program, or fear being left out in the cold.

If you’d like to request a quote for floor mat services, browse our floor mats collection.

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