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UniFirst is one of the largest providers of image enhancing uniforms and work apparel for business, primarily through managed rental programs. Serving customers throughout the United States and Canada, the Company offers a range of apparel products from traditional uniforms to protective clothing to “corporate casual” attire, all designed to enhance overall business image. UniFirst also provides quality facility services products such as floor mats, mops, wiping towels, and restroom items.
Specialty Apparel of California


UniTech is the world leader in the specialized cleaning and decontamination of protective clothing worn by those who work at nuclear power plants and nuclear processing facilities in the United States, Canada, and Europe (ENS). UniTech also provides the nuclear industry with ancillary business services and operates innovative Mobile Safety Stores which can be readily moved from location to location. These mobile units are typically stocked with a range of specialized accessories and consumable items aimed at meeting specific customer on-site safety and maintenance needs. Visit the UniTech Services Group site.
UniClean cleanroom garment services


UniClean launders and services the work clothing of employees who manufacture sensitive medical, electronic, and pharmaceutical products in “ultra-clean” production environments (cleanrooms). UniClean's processing facilities are actually cleanrooms themselves, literally thousands of times cleaner than hospital operating rooms… helping to ensure customer clothing is delivered free of any microscopic contamination. As a one-stop provider, UniClean also offers its customers a complete line of cleanroom disposable items and supplies. Visit the UniClean Cleanroom Garment Services site.
UniFirst First Aid Group

First Aid Group

The First Aid Group consists of three business operations. Green Guard supplies and replenishes first aid cabinets and safety supplies to companies in virtually all industry categories; Medique provides the Medique and Medi-First Plus brands of first aid products to wholesalers, catalog supply companies, and independently-owned route service suppliers; and Prestige Packaging is a contract packager of unit dose pouching to a wide range of customers with private labeling needs for over-the-counter (OTC) medications.
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