Video: Protecting Your Workers with Flame Resistant Garments

Keep your workers safe. Stay in compliance. Avoid costly fines and liability.

Reduce your worry with a managed Flame Resistant (FR) Uniform Rental Program from UniFirst. At UniFirst, we manufacture our own proprietary line of Flame Resistant garments, Armorex FR, in ISO-certified facilities using the most innovative and proven FR fabrics available today. We also offer FR garments from other leading brands.

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Are your workers or subcontractors exposed to flame risks on the job? Do they work on or near electrical systems or energized parts? Do they work with a fuel, gas, or combustible vapors that may linger in the air?

There are many potentially dangerous jobs like these being performed every day.

And when a worker is in close proximity to any of these thermal hazards, serious injury… or even death can occur.

According to OSHA's General Duty Clause, it is the employer's responsibility to provide their workers with the proper personal protective equipment on the job and that often calls for arc-rated Flame Resistant garments for workers exposed to thermal hazards.

Workplace accidents resulting from electric arcs, flash fire, and combustible dust explosions are cause for great concern.

Potential injuries to workers, lost productivity and time, and the risk of litigation and fines can make these some of the most dangerous and costly hazards companies face today.

The National Fire Protection Association, or NFPA, has general consensus standards in place to protect against these hazards. Failure to abide by these standards can result in OSHA citations and fines.

NFPA 70E is the standard for electrical safety which includes protection against electrical arc flash and calls for the proper arc-rated Flame Resistant clothing matched to the potential risk category.

An arc flash event can expel large amounts of deadly energy, with temperatures that can be hotter than the surface of the sun.

This standard covers industrial electricians who work on or near live electrical power in excess of 50 volts.

NFPA 2112 protects workers from flash fire exposure and injury by specifying performance requirements and test methods for Flame Resistant fabric and garments to be worn by at-risk workers.

Flash fire is when a flame front moves rapidly through a diffuse fuel suspended in air.

Industries at a higher risk for flash fires include oil and gas, gas utility services, petrochemical plants, mining operations, and metal or glass foundries. Proper arc-rated FR garments are the last line of defense if an incident does occur.

A great number of catastrophic burn injuries and fatalities are NOT caused by the initial arc or flash; they are caused by the sustained burning of traditional work clothing. FR's life-saving feature is that it will almost immediately self-extinguish, which means once the worker is free from the ignition source, the garment will not continue to burn.

Accidents do happen, and one way to minimize injuries is with the use of high-quality, arc-rated FR garments from a reputable supplier. One who understands your employees' FR needs. And one with a working knowledge of the safety standards and the ability to help you comply with them.

At UniFirst, we manufacture our own proprietary line of Flame Resistant garments, Armorex FR, in ISO-certified facilities using the most innovative and proven FR fabrics available today.

This gives us the ability to incorporate the best design options, features, and benefits based on customer feedback.

We offer a wide variety of FR garment options to help protect employees working in at-risk environments, specific to their safety needs. We also offer FR products from other leading workwear brands.

But it's important to note that proper selection, care, and maintenance of FR garments is crucial to their effectiveness. It keeps your company compliant and helps keep your workers safe.

UniFirst can reduce your worry with a managed Flame Resistant Uniform Rental Program that includes all required FR workwear, recommended laundering processes, regular quality inspections, and repairs and replacements, as needed.

Keep your workers safe. Stay in compliance. And avoid costly fines and liability.

Trust a UniFirst Flame Resistant Uniform Program.

For a free service evaluation, call 800.455.7654 or visit

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