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Reduce waste with portion-controlled paper dispensers

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UniFirst provides 100% recycled, EcoLogo®, and Green Seal Certified paper products that reduce waste and help prevent the spread of germs.

UniFirst paper towel services offer better drying and sanitization features than competitive paper programs, and better results than warm air dryers that take longer to get hands dry and can add bacteria to hands.

Our paper hand towel programs save you money, with significantly less “cost per use” and one-sheet-at-a-time dispensing controls. And our toilet paper products are also designed to minimize waste and maintenance.

To view our full line of time and money saving facility service products, please see the UniFirst Facility Service Programs Catalog.

As part of an effective restroom hygiene program, UniFirst provides 100% recycled, EcoLogo® and Green Seal certified Tork® paper towel and toilet paper products with durable dispensers that reduce usage and waste by up to 35%. You may choose from a variety of traditional or “touchless” automatic paper towel dispensers and high-capacity, auto-transfer, commercial toilet paper dispensers that make refilling quick and easy. Reduce maintenance time and cost, and prevent tampering and theft with high quality SCA-Tork® products from UniFirst. Some of our most popular options include:

  • Tork Matic® Elevation® Hand Towel Roll Dispenser (touchless mechanical) reduces paper towel usage by up to 20%.
  • Tork Matic Elevation Hand Towel Roll Dispenser with Intuition Sensor (touchless electronic) controls consumption and minimizes waste.
  • Tork Xpress® Elevation Multifold Hand Towel Dispenser uses overfill protection to ensure one-at-a-time dispensing.
  • Tork Elevation Centerfeed Dispenser allows for easy, one-hand operation; reduces paper usage.
  • Tork Elevation Jumbo Toilet Paper Roll Dispenser utilizes a stub roll feature so toilet paper is always available; for larger-capacity restrooms.
  • Tork Elevation Twin Mini Toilet Paper Dispenser protects rolls with easy tear feature to minimize waste; for medium-capacity restrooms.
  • Tork Coreless-Twin Toilet Paper Dispenser features a compact design ideal for smaller restrooms.
  • And many more dispensing paper products including tissues, napkins, toilet seat covers, etc.

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Restroom Supply Services

What you get:

  • Regular delivery service
  • Highest quality restroom products by Tork®
  • Usage-based product restocking and replenishment
  • Décor enhancing dispensers (“touchless” options available)
  • Dispenser maintenance and replacement

Additional benefits:

  • No upfront investment
  • Never run out of product
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Waste-reducing portion control
  • Environmentally friendly options

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