Protective Clothing

Safety clothing rental programs help keep employees protected

Night workers wearing hi-visibility protective clothing
Keep your employees safe with UniFirst's line of protective workwear including High Visibility apparel, Flame Resistant clothing, hard hats, gloves, and more.

For industries in which employees may face hazards on the job, the right protective clothing can help guard against injuries and keep companies in compliance with safety regulations. From Flame Resistant (FR) workwear to High Visibility clothing, a full-service protective clothing program from UniFirst helps keep workers safe and productive.

Protective workwear rental programs

Comply with state and federal safety regulations, limit legal liability, and protect your employees—all with no upfront expenses. UniFirst Uniform Rental programs offer a turnkey approach to managing your employee apparel program. We help you select the right garments, measure employees for the best fit, and perform regular laundering, mending, and replacing of garments when necessary. Our regular pickup and delivery times are scheduled for your convenience. See the UniFirst Uniform Rental Catalog for more information.

Man wearing FR work clothes and carrying hard hat
Armorex FR® workwear features roomier cuts for improved comfort and appearance.

Flame resistant clothing (FRC) programs

In workplaces where the risk of arc flash or flash fires exists, our exclusive Armorex FR® flame resistant work garments help prevent burn injuries, and offer the comfort and durability of traditional work apparel. Armorex FR® workwear is manufactured by UniFirst to guard against debilitating burns by self-extinguishing when the heat source is removed. Made from the most innovative and comfortable protective fabrics available, Armorex FR® clothing features roomier cuts for comfort, and boasts design features that help create a professional appearance. We also offer FR uniforms from other leading suppliers, so whatever you need, UniFirst can deliver.

High visibility safety clothing programs

Two men working in ANSI-rated, high vis clothing
ANSI-rated High Visibility clothing helps keep workers safe.

UniFirst provides a wide range of ANSI-rated High Visibility protective clothing designed to ensure worker safety, particularly where moving vehicles operate. UniFirst High Visibility and Enhanced Visibility workwear makes workers visible at greater distances, while offering the durability and comfort your employees expect. Enhanced Visibility uniforms are also available in select Flame Resistant (FR) fabric options.

Custom logo embroidery and personalization

With our advanced uniform personalization capabilities, you can add eye-catching emblems or embroidery designs for your Uniform Rental Program that showcase your company logo, brand name, and/or employee names. We customize:

  • Work shirts and polos
  • Executive and casual wear
  • Outerwear and T-shirts
  • Aprons, smocks, and chef coats
  • Hats, visors, and caps
  • Protective (safety) clothing

PPE and safety products

In addition to protective workwear, UniFirst also offers a comprehensive line of personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety products, including hard hats, ear plugs, safety glasses, respirators, protective gloves, and more. See the UniFirst Safety Products Catalog for details.

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