Benefits of Employee Uniforms from UniFirst

Staff uniforms are preferred by consumers

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A national survey shows uniformed employees tend to be more team oriented and project a more professional image than non-uniformed employees.

How can you boost brand image, improve sales, and increase employee productivity in your business?

One way is to adopt a UniFirst employee uniform program to keep your staff dressed in professionally designed, cleaned, and consistently maintained uniforms. The many advantages of staff uniforms have been demonstrated by a survey conducted by J.D. Power and Associates for the Uniform and Textile Service Association entitled, The Uniform Advantage.

A UniFirst full-service Uniform Rental Program helps businesses promote a consistent brand image, helps customers identify employees, and has a positive influence on consumer purchasing decisions.

Professional appearance

Employee uniforms can help your business project a consistent professional image and signal that you care about quality and service.

Employee pride and morale

Employee uniforms contribute to creating a team atmosphere, similar to that found in sports, which fosters improved productivity and lower turnover rates.


Employee uniforms featuring your company logo, colors, and wearer names transform employees into “walking billboards.” In a study entitled, Are Uniforms an Effective Marketing Tool?, a majority of companies surveyed said that outfitting their employees in corporate branded staff uniforms outperformed internet, newspaper, TV, radio, and billboard advertising as a marketing tool by margins of up to 9 to 1.

Customer trust

Employees wearing uniforms instill a sense of trust in customers and prospects, and the products or services they provide are perceived as being of a higher quality. In terms of customer service, employees in uniform are more easily identifiable by customers seeking assistance, advice, and buying guidance.


Uniforms for staff working outdoors should include outerwear, such as hats and jackets, to help protect them from the elements. Many jobs require protective workwear, such as Flame Resistant (FR) garments to serve as personal protection against flash fires and arc flash burns. High Visibility apparel keeps employees visible to nearby moving vehicles while working near roadways or in parking lots. Fluid barrier lab coats and other medical apparel can protect employees from blood borne pathogen exposure.


Personalized employee uniforms can also help differentiate who does or does not belong on company property, on job sites, or within restricted areas or departments.

UniFirst supplies uniforms for employees in virtually every industry. Call (800) 455-7654.


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