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Frequently asked questions about our uniform rental program

Frequently Asked Questions
The most frequently asked questions regarding our uniform rental programs.

If you're currently using a UniFirst Rental Program, or if you're considering one, you can refer to this helpful list of frequently asked questions should any questions arise. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please reach out to your Route Representative or Customer Service Representative.

If you're not yet a UniFirst customer, you may contact us at any time.

Does renting uniforms save money?

According to government statistics and other authoritative sources: a person who buys and home launders his or her work uniform spends, on average, about $15 per week. If that wearer uses a laundromat or a dry cleaning service, however, that weekly expense can double to $30 per week. In contrast, uniform rental typically costs about the same as a cup of a coffee per day per wearer.

Can participating in a Uniform Rental Program be an important company benefit?

Yes. Participation in a Uniform Rental Program can actually represent a “pay hike” for employees. That’s because they will no longer have to replace their own worn out or damaged work clothing, nor have the ongoing costs associated with laundering and repairing such apparel. Instead, they leave their soiled garments behind for UniFirst to clean, maintain, or replace. What’s more, employees no longer risk bringing workplace contaminants home that could mix with other family members’ laundry.

Are there other key advantages of Uniform Rental Programs?

A UniFirst rental uniform program ensures consistency of your public business image through the uninterrupted regular laundering, finishing, and maintaining of all your employee work apparel. When garments are purchased, it becomes your responsibility to monitor wearers to ensure their uniforms are always maintained and looking their best.

How do you ensure all wearers look good by having the right sized uniforms?

Your UniFirst Representative will measure each uniform wearer to ensure a proper fit. Furthermore, UniFirst recognizes that not every employee remains the same size over time, so we provide uniform size exchanges whenever necessary—all you have to do is ask. A uniform that looks good has to fit right and we make sure ours do.

What if I want to add or reduce wearers to our uniform program because of personnel changes?

Simply notify your UniFirst Route Representative or UniFirst Customer Service Representative and your program will be adjusted accordingly. As for new wearers, UniFirst provides next-delivery outfitting for standard garments in normal size ranges. Special garments or non-standard sizes may require slightly more time.

If I notice a needed repair, can I assume it’ll be taken care of by your Automatic Mend System?

UniFirst’s Automatic Mend System provides for a comprehensive, 10-point inspection of every garment each and every time it’s processed. This ensures 97% of all needed repairs are caught and taken care of before you have to ask. This preemptive inspection process is also backed up by our wearer communications system, which provides your business with a continuous supply of repair request tags (with dispensers), so any special garment needs can be flagged for our immediate attention.

Do you seek feedback on your Uniform Rental Services?

There’s nothing more important to us than earning and keeping the goodwill of our customers. That’s why UniFirst developed a system aimed at that singular goal. At its heart are regularly scheduled visits to your work location by UniFirst service personnel and managers who not only talk with wearers, but also ask you to grade us (via our performance report card) on exactly how we’re doing. Plus, we distribute special mail-back satisfaction survey cards for your uniform wearers, with responses going directly to our corporate headquarters for review.

What if some of my employees' garments are missing or become ruined for whatever reason?

Any missing garments should be brought to the attention of your Route Representative so he or she can arrange to have them replaced on your next scheduled delivery. Uniforms that become overly worn through normal wear, or through improper use, are identified by our plant personnel during the garment inspection process and replaced upon the next scheduled delivery.

If you have any other questions, please let us know by filling out the form or by calling (800) 455-7654.


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Uniform Rental Programs

UniFirst full-service Uniform Rental Programs enhance your business image at the very best value. There’s no upfront investment, and you get comprehensive service and hassle-free employee uniform management.

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