UniFirst Manufacturing

Quality producers of business uniforms, work apparel and floorcare products

UniFirst warehouse stores a variety of quality materials
UniFirst manufactures its branded workwear based on the features sought by its customers.

From industrial uniforms, career wear and image apparel, to highly specialized protective clothing, casual wear and floorcare products, UniFirst-made products stand for quality and a commitment to providing maximum comfort, durability, and safety. And to help ensure consistent high quality, the majority of our exclusive Job-Fitted Work Clothes® are manufactured within ISO 9001-certified quality management systems.


Company-Owned Manufacturing Facilities

  • Ebano, MX*
  • Valles, MX*
  • Cardenas, MX*
  • Tipitapa, NI
  • Cave City, AR

* ISO 9001-certified


Among the most trusted business uniform manufacturers

When it comes to uniform manufacturing, our uniform design team builds in only the best features and benefits as defined by our customers. And unlike uniform suppliers that can only provide products made by other business uniform manufacturers, UniFirst produces the majority of its rental uniforms and distributes them through a centralized state-of-the-art, ISO 9001-certified Distribution Center. This allows us to provide consistently high-quality products and keep our customer pricing down.

In addition to the UniFirst family of workwear brands, UniFirst also manufactures its own lines of high quality commercial floor mats, which are all certified as “high traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI).

UniWeave, work shirts constructed to fit the way you work
SofTwill, work pants made to fit the way you work
Breeze Weave, lighter weight work shirt made for cool comfort
Park Street, premium executive-style work shirts
UniWear, outerwear tested by the elements of the job
Armorex FR, high performance flame resistant work apparel

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