Video: The UniFirst Difference

Switching to a UniFirst rental program is seamless

Watch this story about Jane who feels stuck with her current uniform supplier. Jane is sick of uniform shortages, damaged garments, and surprise invoice charges. Then she discovers UniFirst. Here's her story.

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Video Transcript (click to view/hide)

Uniform shortages, damaged garments, upset employees… Jane had had it up to here with her uniform provider. She was sick of her shabby old uniforms not getting repaired or replaced and making the same service requests over and over again. Add to that those surprise, tacked-on invoice charges and her frustrate-o-meter was in the red. But switching providers just seemed too stressful; too risky. She thought, "What's the point? All uniform providers are the same. And the transition process will disrupt my business, and just lead to the same overcharges; stained, wrinkled uniforms; and lousy service." Jane felt so stuck.

And then, when she least expected it, she met a uniform supplier called UniFirst. It was love at UniFirst sight. Jane quickly discovered there was something different about this uniform company. Despite some reservations, Jane decided to make the switch! Much to her relief, switching to UniFirst was completely seamless thanks to their time-tested start-up and transition process.

It started with a "try for size" fitting scheduled for every one of Jane's employees at her convenience. Some fittings even took place after hours - all to ensure her employees' sharp, new uniforms were ready and on hand before day one.

Fast forward to today… Jane receives proactive service, speedy repairs and replacements, hygienic laundering, and even free shirt pressing. She also has her very own dedicated customer service team, just for her, guaranteeing quick, personal attention.

Week in and week out, Jane's uniforms look neat, tidy, and professional. She receives enthusiastic customer service that surprises her, and consistent invoices that don't. So learn from Jane and don't stay stuck with a mediocre uniform provider. Your business image is too important.

Join the millions of people that wear UniFirst uniforms each business day and experience “The UniFirst Difference” for yourself.

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