Uniform Leasing

Our Val-U-Lease programs include “everything,” but laundering

Val-U-Lease programs provide uniform fitting, pick-up, mending, replacement, and delivery
Val-U-Lease programs are designed for those who wish to receive the benefits of a full-service Rental Program, but prefer a lower cost structure by forgoing the scheduled laundering service.

With a UniFirst Val-U-Lease program, you enjoy all the service and convenience of our full-service Uniform Rental Program, with the exception of the scheduled laundering services.

But if you need occasional laundering, we can arrange that for you, too. And you'll still receive our uniform repair, replacement, and other maintenance services as needed.

How our Val-U-Lease programs work

Like with our Uniform Rental Programs, a UniFirst Val-U-Lease program eliminates upfront clothing investments in favor of low weekly charges. You're only billed for the number of workers actually “in uniform.” Idle clothing costs are avoided and you get top-quality, stylish uniforms of your choice… complete with custom company emblems and much more. Employees take care of uniform cleaning, but UniFirst takes care of everything else, including:

  • Professional on-site needs analysis
  • More than 40,000 in-stock product SKUs to choose from
  • Measurement & fitting of each wearer conducted at your location(s)
  • Specified number of garments for each individual
  • Garment repairs
  • Garment replacements of overly worn or damaged garments
  • Inventory control with itemization by employee (or product)
  • Quick outfitting of new employees
  • Full program management

Personalize with custom emblems and embroidery

Add your employees' names and your company logo to uniform emblems, or direct embroider onto polos and shirts. It's a great way advertise your company. Check out our custom emblems and embroidery options.

Starting a UniFirst uniform program is easy. For more information, please call (800) 455-7654.


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Uniform Val-U-Lease Programs

UniFirst Val-U-Lease uniform programs offer all the service & convenience of our full-serviceĀ Uniform Rental Programs, with the exception of the laundering services. Eliminate upfront clothing investments in favor of predictable, low weekly rates.

  • Choose from over 40,000 SKUs
  • Individual sizing & fitting
  • Automatic repairs & replacements
  • Emblems & embroidery
  • Computerized tracking
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