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Advertise your business with our embroidered shirts & logo apparel

Machine embroiders custom company logo on work shirt
UniFirst can turn your employees into attractive “walking billboards” to provide your business with a form of free advertising.

Our advanced emblem, embroidery, and other personalization options keep your employees looking sharp and easily identifiable in your business' own branded logo apparel.

Whether you choose emblems for uniforms, or embroidered polo shirts or executive shirts, our corporate logo apparel provides you with the professional business image your company deserves.

Our emblem selection offers dynamic color options with script or block style lettering to complement your custom uniform. You get high-resolution embroidery on garment matched emblems that are fade-resistant for a consistent, upscale business image. You may also select any of our standard emblems and have your company logo or other design custom embroidered in thread colors chosen from our 54-color palette. The combinations are virtually limitless. View our shirts, lab coats, and outerwear selection for customization in the Online UniFirst Uniform Rental Catalog.

Are Uniforms an Effective Advertising Tool?

Employees wearing company uniforms
Read the full study.

In a study conducted at Suffolk University's Sawyer Business School, entitled Are Uniforms an Effective Marketing Tool?, more than 260 companies in 14 different industries throughout the U.S. and Canada were surveyed about their advertising efforts.

The Findings:

By margins of up to 9 to 1, companies that outfit employees in uniforms and branded corporate logo apparel report that their employee uniforms outperform internet, newspaper, TV, radio, and billboard advertising as a marketing tool.

Our advanced emblem, embroidery, and other personalization options are just some of the many unique benefits that make up The UniFirst Difference.

Experience “The UniFirst Difference” for yourself by filling out the form or by calling (800) 455-7654.


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Uniform Rental Programs

UniFirst full-service Uniform Rental Programs enhance your business image at the very best value. There’s no upfront investment, and you get comprehensive service and hassle-free employee uniform management.

  • Choose from over 40,000 SKUs
  • Individual sizing & fitting
  • Scheduled pick-up & delivery
  • Hygienic laundering
  • Free shirt pressing
  • Automatic repairs & replacements
  • Emblems & embroidery
  • Computerized tracking
  • Easy-to-read invoicing
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