Restroom Soap & Hand Care Services

Keep soaps & dispensers well stocked & maintained

Man sanitizes hands and refills soap dispenser
UniFirst matches the proper hand soaps and sanitizers to your work environments for maximum hygienic cleanliness.

To make sure you always have safe, sanitary soaps and hand cleaners available for all your dispensers when needed, UniFirst delivers the right products for your business on a regular schedule.

Each of our hand soap and hand care offerings, as well as our instant hand sanitizers, are specifically formulated for the correct applications, and are contained in portion-controlled commercial soap dispensers (available in “touchless” and traditional dispensers). They’re an essential component of your total hygiene system.

Your UniFirst representative can help recommend the right UniFirst and/or GOJO hand soap and hand care products for your needs, as well as the right commercial soap dispensers, that will work best for you. Some of our most popular hand care options include:

  • UniFirst luxury foam soap for normal lighter soiling.
  • UniFirst pearl lotion soap for general purpose cleaning.
  • GOJO Supro Max hand cleaner for heavy soils like inks and adhesives.
  • GOJO cherry gel pumice hand cleaner for heavy dirt, grease, and oil.
  • UniFirst and PURELL® instant hand sanitizer for 99.99% elimination of the most common germs without the need for water.

See our complete line of commercial hand soaps and cleaners, hand care and sanitizers, and high-quality dispensers.

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Restroom Supply Services

What You Get:

  • Regular delivery service
  • Hand care & soap products
  • Usage-based product restocking & replenishment
  • Décor enhancing dispensers (“touchless” options available)
  • Dispenser maintenance & replacement

Additional Benefits:

  • No upfront investment
  • Never run out of product
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Waste-reducing portion control
  • Environmentally friendly options

Customize soap dispenser services for your company

Browse our online catalog and choose from a wide selection of soaps, sanitizers, and commercial dispensers.

Conveniently customize a commercial soap dispenser service quote for your company.

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