Food Service Uniforms

Workwear solutions to minimize cross contamination risks

UniFirst HACCP/GFSI-friendly food service uniform
Our most popular food service and restaurant apparel carries the UniWear® label, an exclusive UniFirst brand manufactured in our ISO certified facilities.

UniFirst HACCP/GFSI-friendly food service Uniforms and Service Programs help ensure food safety and minimize cross contamination risks.

See our food service uniforms collection online in the UniFirst uniform rental catalog. Support your Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) with specialized food service clothing and services to more easily comply with food safety regulations.

  • Food processor coats
  • Food service uniforms
  • Restaurant uniforms
  • Server uniforms & wait staff uniforms
  • Catering uniforms
  • Butcher coats
  • Chef uniforms, chef jackets, chef coats & chef wear
  • Aprons & headwear

Supporting "Clean Process" goals

UniFirst's UniSafe® Service and Product Protection Process (PPP) provides portal-to-portal sanitization control for your employees' food service and restaurant uniforms. In addition to hygienic laundering and protection of food industry clothing, PPP provides documented, verifiable processing, and custom services such as poly-wrap deliveries.


HACCP/GFSI-Conscious Services for Food Industries

Scientific testing by an independent laboratory showed that our UniSafe® Service for food industry uniforms kills pathogens known to cause food-borne illnesses.


Learn about our UniSafe Service & Product Protection Process.

Download the UniSafe Service and PPP White Paper.


Some of our most popular food service and restaurant apparel carry the UniWear® label, a UniFirst exclusive food service clothing line that's manufactured following strict ISO 9001:2008 quality guidelines to ensure the very best workwear features when it comes to quality, comfort, and durability.

Customize with emblems and embroidery

Enhance your business image with our custom emblems and embroidery for your company name, logo, and/or worker names. Employees outfitted with customized uniforms also become “walking billboard” advertisements for your business.

Rent, lease, or buy food service uniforms

You can rent, lease, or buy workwear, server uniforms, protective apparel, and more by using a value-based program that fits your budget. And with our coast-to-coast service capabilities, we can meet all your chef wear, wait staff, and catering uniform needs no matter what size your company or where your facilities are located.

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