CSA Z462


The CSA Group is a standards development organization (SDO) accredited both in Canada and the U.S. This accreditation acknowledges that CSA Group complies with a specific set of accreditation criteria. As a result, its standards are recognized around the world for their ability to meet the needs of industry, regulators, manufacturers, and consumers.

CSA Group has the largest subject area recognition of the SDOs accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), an organization that coordinates Canada’s National Standards System. CSA Group maintains its accreditation by developing consensus standards that adhere to the requirements established by the SCC.

About CSA Z462

In the United States in 1979, the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) created what is now the NFPA 70E—Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace. This Standard has evolved to be the North American Standard for electrical safe work practices for energized electrical work. Canada did not have a Canadian National Standard for workplace electrical safety at the time. The Canadian Standards Association (now CSA Group) was aware of the existence of the new NFPA Standard and in 2005 put forth that Canada develop an equivalent Standard in collaboration with NFPA.

CSA Z462—Standard on Workplace Electrical Safety—was developed in parallel with NFPA 70E, and, based on an agreement with NFPA, was made to harmonize Z462 with NFPA 70E as much as practicable for Canadian workplaces. This Standard specifies requirements for and provides guidance on safety management systems, safe work procedures, and selection of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other safety devices for persons exposed to hazards associated with energized electrical equipment. In addition, this Standard sets out criteria for the identification and training of qualified electrical workers and for determination of hazardous work to be performed only by those qualified individuals.

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